Duck Lake, Calhoun County, Michigan is a beautiful lake with clear water and ample opportunities for boating, fishing and sailing.

The Duck Lake Association is a Michigan non-profit lake association


Officers and Trustees 2022

  • Sarah Cool, President
  • Gloria Richards, Vice-President
  • Meggan Spencer, Membership Secretary
  • Kim Gonzalez, Secretary
  • Jayne Latchhaw, Treasurer
  • Seth Arbogast/Kimberly LaPlante, District One Trustee
  • Nanette Hibler, District Two Trustee
  • Trina McGaffigan, District Three Trustee
  • Vacant, District Four Trustee
  • Lisa Ragan, District 5 Trustee
  • Tom Neidlinger, District 6 Trustee
  • Mike Snyder, At Large Trustee
  • David Wheeler, At Large Trustee
  • Pat Moffitt, At Large Trustee
  • Connie Ross, At Large Trustee
  • Carrie Davis, Newsletter Editor