Duck Lake, Calhoun County, Michigan is a beautiful lake with clear water and ample opportunities for boating, fishing and sailing.

The Duck Lake Association is a Michigan Non-Profit Lake Association

2021 Duck Lake Association Meetings - May 11, June 15, July 13, August 10. All at the Clarence Township Hall at 7:00 PM. Everyone is welcome! The around the lake garage sale date is Saturday June 26, 2021.

Shown below is 2020 Special Assessment information.

President Sarah Cool submitted a Special Assessment request of $50 per lakefront lot to the Clarence Township Board for action at their September 14th 2020 meeting. We are pleased to announce that the Clarence Township Board approved the request unanimously. This is the same amount as 2019.

Recommending the Special Assessment amount to the Township Board is a balancing act; on the one hand, there is a concern that the annual tax bill assessment be as low as possible. On the other hand, the Special Assessment must generate sufficient funds to pay for needed lake treatments.

The Special Assessment amount of $50 per lakefront lot will be placed on the winter tax bills that are issued December 1, 2020.

Duck Lake 2020 Aquatic Vegetation, Water Quality, and 2021 Management Recommendations Report

The Duck Lake Association recently received the 2020 report from Restorative Lake Sciences. Just click on the following link to see the entire report.
Duck Lake 2020 Annual Report.pdf

Congratulations to Kim LaPlante (North Shore Dr.), Brian Spencer (Anderson Dr.), and Erin Hubert (Monroe Rd)

Congratulations to Kim LaPlante (North Shore), Brian Spencer (Anderson Dr.), and Erin Hubert (Monroe Rd.) winners of a $30 gift certificate from Meijer's, for participating in the Michigan Shoreland Stewards survey this summer. Our winners, along with other participants rated their shoreland management practices. Participants also received recommendations/advice about being good stewards of Duck Lake. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make our contest a success. It's never too late to see how you are managing your shoreland.

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For historical pictures of Duck Lake.

Apparel - Ordering Process - Closed till Spring

Take a look! A new way to order Duck Lake association apparel. Orders are now done on-line. Simply click on the following link:Duck Lake Association Apparel. There are many more choices, and your payment is done online.

Advertising Page

Advertising - As a service to our members, the Duck Lake Association is now accepting paid advertising. Please click on the Advertising web page at  to see our ads. These businesses are supporting the Duck Lake Association - your support is appreciated!!

The Ice-Out date was March 11, 2021 - No traces of ice at the North End outlet.

The annual Around The Lake garage sale is held the fourth Saturday in June.

Big Kid Tree Worx - amazing work at close quarters. - (see Advertising page)